GIS Expertise

Skyai provides consulting solution in order to help organisations deliver sucessful products and services. With more than 10 years of combined experience in GIS, Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning, SkyAI's team can help achieving sucessful and risk-free development.

If it's on a map and it needs to be smart, we can help.

We have been helping customers such as Provincie Zuid-Holland & Capgemini develop smart platforms that leverage their geographical data in a smart and automated manner.


  • Geospatial analysis and GIS data management
  • Service layers like WFS, WMS and GEOJSON API's
  • Intelligent processing of spatial data, contour extraction, and intelligent spatial queries
  • Setting up and managing GIS backends
  • We are an official ESRI partner company and have a lot of experience on the platform

The team

SkyAi was founded by passionate GIS developers that want to use satellite imagery to improve urban cities and citizen health. Feel free to contact any of our experts:

Swen Mulderij

Swen is a machine learning and artificial intelligence expert with a focus on new applications of innovative technologies.

Julien Lengrand-Lambert

Julien has more than 8 years experience in Satellite Imagery and Computer Vision.

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